Mentoring Assessment Pack



$ 9.99
This pack features 6 quality assessment tools from the Mentoring and Shepherding Others Training Themes. Christian mentoring is essential if you want to develop a new generation of church leaders. These handouts focus on the importance of helping people grow by being in relationships and will move your church toward establishing more mentors and mentorees. Each assessment conveniently fits on one page, so they're easy to print, copy, and hand out.

Table of Contents:

The Ten Commandments of Mentoring
Creating relationships that help people grow.
Paul D. Stanley and J. Robert Clinton

Our Church's Support System
How well are we providing the 5 essentials for mentoring?
Wayne Schmidt

Not Sure You're Ready to Mentor?
Helpful questions for the reluctant.
Timothy Jones

Why Nonprofessionals Make Great Mentors
Your 5 advantages in caring for people.
Robert J. Morgan

Staying Close to Your Enemies
How to mentor people who don?t like you.
Gary D. Preston

Mentoring Leaders
People with leadership gifts need a special kind of shepherding.
Roy C. Price

$ 9.99

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