Mentoring New Leaders



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This specific theme is designed to equip your leaders to train and nurture others through mentoring relationships. You may use it either for a group training session or to give individually to people involved in leadership development and discipleship training. Simply print the handouts you need and use them as necessary.

Table of Contents:

A Course in Leadership Training
Why and how this pastor started taking mentoring seriously.
Gordon MacDonald

Who Wants Mentoring?
Move a distracted generation toward Christ.
Natasha Robinson

Mentoring That Produces Mentors
How one leader structures his three-year mentoring and discipleship program.
Rick Lowry

Building Confidence Through Mentoring
Help a new leader step out on his own by using these practices.
Earl Palmer

Developing the Relationship
Four principles that will help guide your mentoring relationships.
Earl Palmer

The Heart of a Mentor (free sample)
This leader didn't have the personality of a mentor, but he made up for it in passion and commitment.
Chris Armstrong

Creating a Lasting Influence
How these senior leaders are creating a legacy by identifying and training new leaders.
Stuart Briscoe and Bob Russell

Mentoring and Multiplying
Identify, train, and equip new leaders.
Natasha Robinson

How to Be an Effective Mentor
What a mentor actually does
Erik Johnson

When You Don't Have All the Answers
This mentoring strategy guides people to devise their own plays.
Chad Hall

Making a Good Match
A recipe for strong and healthy mentoring relationships.
Fred Smith

Discipling Digital Natives
Move a distracted generation toward Christ.
Chris Maxwell

$ 14.99

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