Ministry for Remarriage



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Lay counselors, caregivers, and church leaders all deal with divorce and remarriage in their ministry, and it's often an overlooked issue that's not prepared for. These brief and practical handouts cover the key issues involved in counseling couples for remarriage, explore obstacles involved in blending families, and teach your congregation to welcome all people in the name of Christ.

Table of Contents:

Principles of Remarriage
These practices will build a solid foundation for second marriage.
Karen Maudlin

How to Blend a Family
Creating stepfamilies all the kids will love.
Natalie Nichols Gillespie

Watch for the Warning Signs
These markers provide clues that negative marriage history may repeat itself.
Jim Smoke

Remarriage Basics
Helping couples face the issues squarely improves their chances for remarital success.
Randy Christian

Different the Second Time
A one-size-fits all approach may not cover the unique features of remarriage.
Lee A. Dean

Begin a Remarriage Ministry
Take these steps to help your church build and maintain solid second marriages.
Lee A. Dean

Mentor for Remarriage
Couples preparing for remarriage learn best from those who have walked the same path.
Lee A. Dean

Remarriage and Life Stages
The right preparation can help people succeed in a second marriage at any time of life.
Karen Maudlin

Help Hurting Couples
How to come alongside when a second marriage runs into stormy seas.
Thomas Needham

When to Discourage Remarriage
When you see these signs, steer a couple away from the decision to marry.
Les and Leslie Parrott

$ 14.99

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