Ministry to College Students



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College is a time when people encounter huge life changes and establish life-long relationships. Unfortunately, college students often slip through the gap between a church's youth and adult ministries.

Use this 18-page pack of articles to think through how your church is called to minister to these students. Learn what they need and how you can leverage the opportunities you have.

Table of Contents:

The Next Next Generation
Some defining characteristics of Millennials.
by Jim Schmotzer

The Search for Meaning
Four questions to help college-aged people find the right purpose.
by Chuck Bomar

A Church's Strengths and Drawbacks
Learn what is and isn't conducive to reaching college students.
by Benson Hines

The College Student Plan for Your Church
Be intentional as you develop your college ministry.
by Benson Hines

Cooperating with Campus-Based Ministries (free sample)
Eight strategies for joining forces.
by Chuck Bomar

Assimilating Students into the Whole Church
Connect college students with the rest of the congregation.
by Benson Hines

Summer Break Strategy
Learn to reach college students in a limited window.
by Stephen Grusendorf

Reconnecting over the Holidays
Remember these tips when relating one-on-one with students who are home.
by Chuck Bomar

$ 14.99

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