Ministry to Young Singles



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Is your church's singles ministry lacking? Are singles '"singled out" of your congregation as outcasts because you unwittingly cater your ministries to couples and families? Use this tool to increase your ministerial impact on this very important group in your church.
Train your church leaders in meeting the unique needs of young single people, avoiding common missteps, and finding practical ways to set up an effective ministry.

Table of Contents:

Basic Needs a Single-Adults Ministry Can Meet
These nine traits can help ensure the health of a program.
Dennis Franck

Debunking Myths About Young Singles
A closer look at the stereotypes established by church and culture.
Dennis Franck

A Dozen Ways to Kill a Singles Ministry
Things to avoid as you reach out to those who aren't married.
Jim Smoke

Before You Start
This step-by-step checklist provides a foundation for a single-adults ministry.
Bill Flanagan

Sending Singles the Right Signals
The way leaders communicate makes a big difference to those who aren't married.
Susan Maycinik

Three Ways to Blend Your Congregation
The interaction between singles and marrieds is an important dynamic.
David McCasland

Helping Singles Combat Loneliness
What to do when a single's desire for marriage turns to discouragement.
Kimberly Hartke

What to Say About Sex
Ignoring sexuality robs churches of an important opportunity to minister to singles.
Harold Ivan Smith

$ 14.99

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