Navigating Change



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While the core beliefs of our churches remain the same, leaders and ministries are in constant flux. These articles can help leaders master the different seasons of ministries with grace and skill.

Table of Contents:

Leader's Progress
These five pastors have learned from experience that change is integral to ministry.
by Leadership Journal

Growing Pains
When a church or ministry grows, its leaders have to change, too.
by Calvin Miller

The Changing Seasons of Ministry
Younger leaders and older leaders face different temptations and enjoy different rewards.
by Kent Hughes

Adjusting to Enhanced Lay Ministry
Taking seriously the priesthood of all believers often means introducing change.
by Bruce Larson

Following a Beloved Predecessor
A strong leader can bequeath shoes that are tough to fill.
by by Lem Tucker with Bill Chickering

We'll All Be Replaced Someday
Passing the torch is an inevitable part of leadership.
by John Perkins

$ 7.99

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