Overcoming Criticism Assessment Pack



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In ministry, criticism is inevitable. But that does not mean leaders are powerless to confront it and make the most of it. This download will help you assess the criticism you receive and evaluate how you can--or should--respond to it.

Table of Contents:

8 Ways to Handle Criticism
Every leader needs a plan for dealing with the inevitable.
Fred Smith

Criticism or Abuse?
How to draw the line
Arlo Walker

Leading Amidst Criticism
Those at the helm of a church need to get used to it.
Martin Thielen

Sensing Dissatisfaction
Head off criticism with attentiveness to these areas.
Gene Getz

Classify Your Critics
Long- and short-term solutions to handling those who are determined to keep you in line.
Fred Smith

From Stumbling Block to Steppingstone
We all feel wounded by a critic's arrows, but they can become goads to progress.
William Boggs

The Conversation You Dread
A constructive approach for those difficult confrontations.
Denise Van Eck

The Price of Progress
Four ways to keep change from turning your church upside down
Stuart Briscoe

Healthy Dissatisfaction
A commitment to peace can transform how your church approaches conflict.
Peacemaker Ministries

$ 9.99

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