Racial Reconciliation



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It’s clear—perhaps now more than it has been for some time—that racism is not just a problem of past generations. It is hugely important for Christians to acknowledge that racial diversity is a gift from God, and the church should reflect the diverse beauty of his creation. One of the first steps toward making this happen is acknowledging our painful past and considering how to move forward in true, gospel-centered reconciliation. This download will help you and your team assess and improve your church’s fellowship habits across ethnic boundaries.

Table of Contents:

A Church United
Racial unity is a deliberate part of God's plan for his church.
Edward Gilbreath and Mark Galli

A Church That Looks Like Heaven
Racial reconciliation is both a biblical mandate and a foretaste of a glorious future.
Efrem Smith

Knowing Where We Stand
Identifying attitudes and preferences helps us establish a starting point to reconcile.
Lee A. Dean

Are We In a Relational Rut?
Reconciliation often begins by getting unstuck from familiar patterns.
Edward Gilbreath

Levels Of Commitment
Daylong and weekend events are great, but are we willing to keep the momentum going?
Andres Tapia

Stumbling Block
The stone that the founders included had become a symbol of a troubled racial history.
Eric Reed

Concealment Reveals Common Ground
A tale of unequal treatment helps right a wrong and build understanding.
Elward Ellis

Wait Up For Us
It's time we figured out how to talk--and listen--to one another.
Brenda Salter McNeil

Gracist Language
These seven phrases help us extend favor to others and offer a response to racism.
Edward Gilbreath

Not Caring About Diversity Is Not an Option
Identify the reasons the conversation stalls in order to move it forward.
Trillia Newbell

The Pieces of Reconciliation
The larger achievement of harmony comes from success in a series of smaller challenges.
Christianity Today magazine

Working Through the Hurt
Identifying emotions brings issues to the surface that can help us heal.
Tami Rudkin

$ 14.99

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