Re-Launching a Small-Groups Ministry



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This Training Theme is designed for churches that have launched small groups programs in the past, but are still waiting for the ministry to fully take root. It's also for churches that encountered a negative experience with small groups in the past, but want to try again.

Table of Contents:

My Favorite Hero
The example of Nehemiah shows us what it takes to make a difference for God.
John Ortberg

Key Principles for Re-Launching
John Atkinson discusses several important factors for small-groups ministries contemplating a re-launch.
Christianity Today

Look Backward, Look Forward
Use these tools to evaluate past failures and plan for future success.
Rick Lowry

Gene Therapy for Small Groups
Here is a checklist of the vital steps in small-group evolution.
John Atkinson

Creating a "Discipling Community"
Learning from your mistakes is a vital step in starting over again.
James R. Tozer with Daniel W. Pawley

A Women's Group Ministry Is Revived
Learn the benefits of moving away from a one-size-fits-all approach.
Denise Farrar with Judie Amen

The Warehouse with Wings
Learn to deal with the inevitable resistance caused by leadership drag.
Craig Brian Larson

The Value of Mistakes
The best leaders aren't afraid of a reasonable mess.
Steve Matthewson

What Went Wrong?
Here are seven reasons why small-group ministries fail to soar.
Jack Dyson

Chronic Jump-Start Syndrome
Is your small-group ministry suffering from this common disease?
Dan Lentz

The A-B-Cs of Small-Group Resuscitation
Here are three important steps to restoring the life of your small-group ministry.
Reid Smith

Starting Over
Here are the benefits of using a finesse approach when re-launching.
Bill Tenny-Brittian

Developing an Invitational Culture
Use this practical activity to help evaluate your church's methods of attracting people into small groups.
Brooke B. Collision

$ 14.99

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