Reaching Out to Homosexuals



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Are you struggling with how to reach out to homosexuals in your church or community? Do people in your congregation need guidance with this issue?

With this download, you'll receive seven articles from Leadership journal, Christianity Today, and other publications that give you ideas for how to respond biblically to homosexuals. You'll better understand the issue from their perspective, see how the church can take a positive role, and provide help for homosexuals that want to change.

Table of Contents:

The Church's Response to Homosexuality
Four ways to relate pastorally to homosexuals.
Thomas E. Schmidt

Connecting in Our Differences
A gay journalist and evangelical pastor correct their mutual misperceptions.
Wendy Murray Zoba

Did God Make Me Gay?
I hadn't planned to become a lesbian. So how in the world did I end up this way?
Christine Sneeringer

An Uneasy Victory
A plea from a Christian husband and father who day by day resists his homosexual desires.

Straight Talk With Your Spouse
When your past haunts you, should you tell your spouse? Dennis Jernigan tried it both ways and knows what works best.
Ingrid Ramos

The Not-So-Gay Lifestyle
Pastoral care for homosexuals who want out.
Mario Bergner

When Homosexuality Hits Home
I was devastated to learn my son is gay. But God isn't finished with us yet.
Shirley A. Rorvik

$ 7.99

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