Recovery Ministries



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The gospel is all about the opportunity for every individual to experience restoration from sins and become reunited with Christ. One of the best ways churches can live out the gospel is by offering recovery ministries, such as support groups and counseling. These handouts will help your leaders to remember why recovery matters and gives tools to lead people into life change.

Table of Contents:

A Theology of Christian Recovery
17 teachings that distinguish the gospel from mere recovery.
Michael Liimatta

Why Recovery Matters
Making churches safer places for fallen people.
with Patti and Steve Cappa

Getting Started
Is your church ready to launch support groups?
Randy Christian

Group Behavior
Determine if you know how members of a support group should relate to each other.
from Christian Recovery Group Guide

Finding Your Niche After Recovery
How one Christian launched a ministry shaped by his struggles.
Suzanne Lewis-Johnson

What Jesus Had to Say on Recovery
Eight principles based on the Beatitudes.
Rick Warren

Helping Grieving People
Two strategies to help people who are stuck in their grief.
Rodger Murchison

Linking Recovery and the Word
Four ways church leaders can help lead their people to restoration.
Louis McBurney

Restoring Your Ministry
Four ways to recover from serious error.
James D. Berkley

Local Church Models
Discovering your church's role in recovery.
Dale S. Ryan

$ 14.99

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