Renting Worship Space



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Make the most of temporary space with the resources of planning and organization in these seven articles.

Table of Contents:

Making the Most of Rented Space
This church knows from experience that temporary facilities can empower ministry.
Tyler Charles

This Church Is Not Our Home
The pros and cons of rented space.
Tyler Charles

All Sites Are Not Created Equal
Commercial, theatrical, or ecclesial--your choice for a rental will affect your ministry.
Rich Tatum

Negotiating with a Landlord
Asking the right questions is a vital part of securing a great rental agreement.
John R. Throop

Getting Worship off the Ground
Enlist the right people to help create the place where God and his people meet.
Lee Dean

Special Events on Short Notice
How to set up, break down, and find a location for special services.
Lisa Traylor

Danger! Rental Hazards Ahead!
Understand and clear these barriers that confront churches renting worship space.
Lee Dean

$ 14.99

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