Responding to a Crisis



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These five articles will help you be prepared for allegations of misconduct, tragic deaths, bomb threats, fire emergencies, or natural disasters. You'll learn how others have handled difficult situations, and receive tips for preparing in advance so that your church will be strengthened in the midst of crisis.

Table of Contents:

Crisis Situations
All pastors live squarely on a fault line. The question is not if a crisis will come but when. Even though I can't schedule them, I can learn to be prepared.
Gary Gulbranson

Prepared for A Crisis?
Make sure your congregation knows what to do in case of a bomb threat, fire, or scandal.
Mike Bayer

Confronted with the Shameful
How one church handled allegations of misconduct against their youth pastor.
Mike Woodruff and Dennis Kasper

Leader's Insight: Leadership in Crisis
Lessons for leaders from Hurricane Katrina.
Eric Reed

Crisis Ready
Tragedies are inevitable but never expected. When the next one occurs, will your church be strengthened or shattered?
Mel Lawrenz

$ 7.99

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