Secrets of Recruiting and Keeping Volunteers



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Do you have church ministries that need volunteers? Does your lack of volunteers cause ineffectiveness or worry? Does your church struggle with volunteers that lack commitment and passion?

Download these nine articles from Leadership journal to give you practical tips to develop a volunteer program that sticks. You'll find ways to successfully recruit and retain volunteers and get new ideas for motivating them.

Table of Contents:

Building Your All-Volunteer Army
Fill the person, not the program.
Ken Horton with Al Sibellol

Recruiting Volunteers
We need to look for ways to harness people's dissatisfaction for ministry.
Leith Anderson

More Slots Than Workers?
Vacancies can alert you to a better way of doing ministry.
Eddy Hall

Turning Pewsitters into Players
How to transform members from passive to active.
A conversation with lay trainer Marlene Wilson

Increase Your Volunteer Team
Each volunteer we add means that one more Christ-follower is discovering the thrill of serving, and one more spiritual need is being met.
Bill Hybels

A Ministry Wish List
Helping the congregation fulfill its own desires for new ministries.
Kenna Sapp

Matching Passion with Position
7 questions to give you insight in interviews.
Vernon Armitage

A Training Plan for Volunteers
Develop a team of willing helpers.
Shirley J. Good

More Valuable than Pay
How to get your volunteers to say yes next time.
Dave Goetz

$ 7.99

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