Small Groups Assessment Pack



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Often small groups run on autopilot, and no one steps out of the picture to see how the group can be made more effective. The seven assessments in this download help your group measure some common issues, including what it takes to lead a group, how to make small groups an outreach, and how to incorporate beneficial disciplines into your group.

Table of Contents:

Six Small Group Essentials
These six steps will help you get started.
Jane Johnson Struck

Small Groups That Grow a Church
How open are our groups to newcomers and non-members?
W. Charles Arn

Small Group Disciplines
These practices will help change lives.
John Ortberg

From Committee to Community
Five questions to turn a traditional committee into a mission-focused community.
Roberta Hestenes

Consider Forming an E-Group
If you don't have time for a small group, consider this alternative.
Marilyn A. Yocum

Building (or Rebuilding) a Healthy Small Group Ministry
Seven important questions to consider.
Jeffrey Arnold

Handling Difficult Personalities
It starts with knowing your heart.
Jeffrey Arnold

$ 9.99

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