Strategic Planning



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An important theme for any church, this theme starts with an interview with Peter Drucker, an expert in organizational management and structure. Responsible planning requires wisdom, direction from the Holy Spirit, and willingness to make difficult choices. Strategic Planning will help your ministry team grow in each of these areas by offering helpful assessment tools and discussion questions to give shape and direction to your team meetings.

Table of Contents:

Sticking to Your Mission
The importance of saying no.
with Peter Drucker

Price of Progress
3 questions to answer before starting a new ministry.
D. Stuart Briscoe

Pool of Support
5 categories to help identify the people you need.
W. Charles Arn

Hard Decisions
How one church handled the process of change.
Paul Borden

Demographics That Matter
How to find specific information about your community.
Steven D. Matthewson

Jesus' Strategic Plan
His instructions still apply today.
James D. Berkley

No Good Substitute
God's people plan as they carry out his mission.
Peter Barnes

Unconventional Wisdom That Works
Doing things differently can pay off.
Larry W. Osborne

Steps to Start a Ministry
Identifying the needs and implementing the program.
James Emery White

Sharper Image
Some planning begins with building self-esteem.
Gary Harrison

Revitalizing Your Vision
Before planning must come passion.
Paul Borden

Personalized Strategy
How volunteers can create a plan that works.
Wayne Schmidt

$ 14.99

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