Strengthening the Marriage of Missionary Couples



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The life of a missionary is rewarding, but full of challenges, even for missionary couples. Calls to service aren't the same. Adjustments to the new environment are different for each spouse. Moving overseas creates a new lifestyle to mold into.

Download these six articles if you're a missionary couple looking to learn from other couples in the field. You'll get practical steps to handle conflict and nurture your marriage. These articles are also helpful for churches or individuals to understand the unique challenges of married missionaries.

Table of Contents:

Divided by the Great Commission
How could we endure conflicting views on a missionary career?
Mary Ann Jeffreys

Challenges on the Field
Why marriage on the mission field isn't easy.
Randy Bishop

Six Ways to Nurture Marriage on the Mission Field
Practical ways to keep your marriage vital.
Randy Bishop

5 Myths of a Missionary Marriage
Survival skills for couples on the field.
Nancy Bagg‚ with Tumanini Counseling Center staff

Challenges of Missionary Marriages
Helpful ways to untangle a couple's problems.
Louis McBurney

$ 7.99

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