Training New Leaders



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As a church leader, you know it's important to have a new crop of leaders willing to serve. Sometimes the problem is finding them. This tool helps you identify potential leaders by creating a climate where people want to serve. You'll also get some tips for training these new leaders to be effective through mentoring relationships.

Table of Contents:

Eight Signs of Leadership Potential
Use these questions to spot new leaders.
Fred Smith, Sr.

Vision as a Group Experience
Finding your church's calling as a group.
Paul R. Ford

Finding Leadership in Unlikely Places
The kid is self-absorbed and directionless. Does he have a future as a leader?
Gordon MacDonald

One-Bullet Leaders
Determine what the novice does well and train him or her to do it.
Clark Cothern

Spying New Leaders
Learn to look for potential in people.
Angela Yee

Training Core Workers
Personal relationships are key to training workers.
Fred Smith, Sr.

Build Your All-Volunteer Army
Fill the person, not the program.
Ken Horton with Al Sibello

Equip the Saints to Lead
Training the board is one of the most effective ways to increase unity and efficiency.
Larry Osborne

How to Develop Future Leaders
Train and encourage your team.
Scott Thomas

Recruiting the Youth Team
How to find good volunteers to sponsor the youth program.
Tom McKee

Be an Effective Mentor
Everyone has something to offer.
Erik Johnson

Training Leaders Is Worth the Investment
How to spot leaders, develop their leadership, and encourage them for the long haul.
Interview with Gary Blanchard and Karen Miller

The Mentoring Leader (free sample)
Create a church culture that helps identify and grow leaders.
Interview with Nancy Ortberg

$ 24.99 $ 19.99

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