Transforming Nominal Christians Assessment Pack



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You can find them in the Bible Belt. In survey results. Maybe even in your church. Nominal Christians are everywhere in our society. But rather than bemoaning the fact, we can seize the opportunity in front of us.

This 13-page pack of assessments can help your church make sure it's intentional in its efforts to impact and disciple every person in the pews. There are probably some who are much more Christian in their churchgoing than their hearts. Be glad, then, that you can still reach them, and make every effort to. In the included assessments, you'll explore the essence of spiritual maturity, the expectations you should communicate to members, the influence of church leaders, and more. 

Table of Contents:

Five Kinds of Christians
Use this assessment to determine what kinds of Christians are in your church.
by Helen Lee

Measuring What Matters
Use this assessment to determine if you are providing the best atmosphere for discipleship.
a Leadership interview

Create High Standards for Church Membership
Higher expectations result in greater growth.
by Brian Metke

Five Questions for Transformation (free sample)
Make sure your church is focused on making disciples.
by Roger Jenks

No More Mr. Nice Group
How well do your small groups encourage transformation?
by John Ortberg

Encouraging Evangelism
Equip the church to share the faith.
by Eric Reed

The Way We Change
Foster a biblical attitude toward spiritual formation in your church.
by John Ortberg

$ 9.99

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