Urgent Care: Adultery & Emotional Affairs



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How do you minister to a marriage torn apart by an affair? How do you help a couple rebuild after an affair? This Urgent Care training guide will strengthen your immediate response when news breaks of marital unfaithfulness. Use it to develop a short-term ministry plan and a long-term strategy for healing and restoring marriages in Christ's name.

Table of Contents:

A Quick Guide For Action
Key points for caregiving ministry.

Why Affairs Happen
What you need to know about prevention and recovery.
Cindy Crosby

Treatment for Infidelity Fallout
Forgiveness is an important first step to reconciliation--but not the only step.
Louis McBurney

Healing the Wounds
Five steps to repairing the damage caused by infidelity.
Louis and Melissa McBurney

Don't Let It Happen Again
These safeguarding measures can help prevent another affair from taking place.
Jill Savage

The Real and Untold Cost
Help wandering people prevent a reoccurrence of affairs with this "debit sheet."
Randy Alcorn

The Myth of No-Consequence Sex
Sex is given by God to strengthen absolute commitment to our spouse.
Derek Helt

An Overview of Affairs
Understanding the personal and societal factors that create the climate for adultery.
Peggy Vaughan

Four Hurdles to Restoration
Help wounded couples rebuild based on trust, honesty, and realistic thinking.
Bruce McNicol and Bill Thrall

$ 9.99

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