Urgent Care: Death of a Child



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The death of a child is painful beyond words, which is why so many churches and leaders feel ill-equipped to minister in such a situation. But ministry in this time is imperative. Use this Urgent Care tool to learn what to say and what not to say, and to catch a glimpse of what parents experience when they lose a child. Also in this guide are principles for explaining a child's death to other children, and a sample sermon for leading a congregation through this trying time.

Table of Contents:

Quick Guide for Action
Key points for caregiving ministry.

Ministry to the Grieving
A pastor and his wife share principles for helping a family with their loss.
Peggy and Clayton Bell

How I Was Helped in My Grief
A bereaved mother describes effective ministry after her baby died.
Lonni Collins Pratt

Representing God
Words are not enough when the death of a child unleashes bitter anger at God.
James D. Berkley

When a Child Dies
Know what to do from the moment the terrible news arrives.
Cinda Gorman

Effective Ministry to Bereaved Parents
Seven ways to help you respond to those who have lost their child.
Emily Johns

Miscarriage and Stillbirth
Do not downplay the event-the parents have still lost a child.
James D. Berkley

Grief Aftercare
Care begins before the funeral and continues during the following months.
kevin Ruffcorn

$ 9.99

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