Urgent Care: Divorce



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Equip your leaders to minister to those for whom divorce is inevitable or has already occurred.
These articles cover a variety of topics on divorce. Consider how the church can move forward in a culture where divorce is increasingly common, look at the many needs of a man or woman experiencing divorce, and learn when and how to refer a divorcing person to a professional caregiver.

Also use the included plan for how entire churches can minister to men and women who are divorced. Or, for a quick guide, use the overview of action steps and important concerns that need to be remembered.

Table of Contents:

A Quick Guide For Action
Key points for caregiving ministry.

Fallen World, Fallen Marriages
The church's role: minister to the broken, lead people to repentance, live transculturally.
David Seamands

What the Bible Says About Divorce
Key texts for understanding divorce from a Christian perspective.
H. Wayne House

Divorce Needs
A look at the emotional, practical, and spiritual needs of people going through divorce.
Connie Valentini

What Friends and Relatives Can Do
Practical advice for showing love to a person in pain.
James Bell, Stephen Clark, and Pamela Weintraub

What Pastors and Church Leaders Can Do
Principles for how to care for a person undergoing divorce.
James Bell, Stephen Clark, and Pamela Weintraub

How to Make a Referral
A referral to a professional counselor is, oftentimes, an act of ministry.
Randy Christian

Ministry to Children
What parents and counselors should expect from children, and how they can respond.
H. Norman Wright

Divorce Recovery: A Task for the Church
Transform the tragedy of shattered marriages into compassionate ministry.
Lee Dean

$ 9.99

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