Urgent Care: Domestic Violence



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Equip your leaders on how to respond and minister to those who have experienced--or are experiencing--domestic violence.

Table of Contents:

A Quick Guide for Action
Key points for caregiving ministry.
Building Church Leaders

Domestic Violence: An Overview
Threats to physical safety from within the household are, unfortunately, not rare.
James D. Berkley

When Words Abuse
Great damage can be inflicted by an abuser without any physical contact.
Al Miles

The Role of Family and Friends
Domestic violence affects more people than the victim and the abuser.
Ron Clark

The Basics of Helping Battered Women
Here are some of the principle ways to respond if someone you love is abused.
Corrie Cutrer

Ministering to the Abused
Battered women have physical, spiritual, and emotional needs the church can meet.
Donald Stewart

Counseling the Abuser
Confront those who commit violent crime against their spouses.
Donald Stewart

Couples Who Fight Physically
Learn the ways to respond when a domestic dispute escalates beyond words.
David K. Switzer

Faith Communities and Domestic Violence
The church has a responsibility to provide protection and counseling.
Ron Clark

$ 9.99

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