Urgent Care: Marriage in Crisis



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This specific theme is designed to help equip pastors and leaders who need to minister in cases of marital crisis.

Table of Contents:

A Quick Guide for Action
Key points for caregiving ministry.

The Process of Divorce
Understand the emotional stages of divorce
David K. Switzer

Preparing to Intervene
Anticipate these common hazards before intervening in a troubled marriage.
James D. Berkley

Dealing with Marital Crisis in Small Groups
Small groups are a great place to identify and address marital crisis.
Lee A. Dean

Three Questions
Use these three questions to determine whether a couple is willing to fight for their marriage.
Ron Edmondson

Crisis Care Objectives
Strive to accomplish these objectives when dealing with a marriage in crisis.
James D. Berkley

Hope for Hurting Marriages
Restoring hope is the beginning of healing.
Robert J. Carlson

Making Effective Referrals
Know how and to whom you should refer counselees.
Randy Christian

Conviction and Compassion
How to strike the right balance when preaching on difficult topics.
S. Bowen Matthews

$ 9.99

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