Urgent Care: Substance Abuse



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This resource is designed to equip pastors and leaders who need to minister to friends, family, and members of the congregation who are affected by substance abuse. Use it to gather the practical knowledge you need and to identify what you can do to minister in this urgent situation. This tool will help you understand the background, the practical steps, and--importantly--how you can come alongside professional caregivers.

Table of Contents:

A Quick Guide For Action
Key points for caregiving ministry
by BuildingChurchLeaders.com

Anatomy of a Fall
Substance abuse is a subtle sin that can trap unlikely victims.
James D. Berkley

A Sober Look at Substance Abuse
Alcohol and drugs take a devastating toll on families, communities, and churches.
James D. Berkley

Even Good Women Get Hooked
Substance abuse is a reality for women in your church, but so is hope for recovery.
Sharon Hersh

"Hit by a Ton of Bricks"
How to minister to parents who are facing the addiction of a child
John Vawter

Confronting the Addict
Understand and practice the process of persuading substance abusers to get help.
James D. Berkley

The Basics of Substance Abuse Counseling
Churches can offer biblical solutions to help bring people to health and sobriety.
Edward T. Welch

Understanding Recovery
It isn't easy or quick, but church leaders can support addicts as they journey toward sobriety.
A BuildingChurchLeaders.com Interview

How to Drug-Proof Your Church?s Kids
Church leaders must be ready to take an active role in prevention and treatment.
Stephen Arterburn

Nine Ways to Support Your Support Groups
Help your church's substance abusers with effective small groups.
Randy Christian

Walking in Wisdom
The way to live a substance abuse-free life is to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
Coy Wylie

$ 9.99

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