Urgent Care: Suicide



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What do you say when there's been a suicide in your church? What can you tell the family to comfort them? What do you preach on? Is suicide a forgivable act? Use this guide to help you know what, and what not, to say during this intense time in your ministry.

Table of Contents:

Quick Guide for Action
Key points for caregiving ministry.

After a Suicide
Strategies and reflections for serving those who are left behind.
Randy Christian

Is Suicide Forgivable?
What is the biblical hope and comfort we can offer a suicide victim's family and friends?
Lewis B. Smedes

Embodying Christ in the Midst of Suicide
Rather than answers, let your presence be a ministry to people in their grief.
Loren L. Townsend

Breaking the News
An awful task is also an act of ministry.
H. Norman Wright

Children, Teens, and Family Responses
What you need to know about the unique responses of these groups.
H. Norman Wright

Talking to the Church
One church's plan for grieving a suicide as the body of Christ.
Loren L. Townsend

What Not to Say
Some comments--meant to comfort--should never be said in the aftermath of a suicide.
Albert Hsu

Death, Life, and Grace
A sermon that navigates the harsh reality of suicide and focuses on the redemptive power of God.
Leith Anderson

$ 9.99

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