Being an Authentic Leader



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Authenticity is a tricky subject. Of course we don't want to be fake, hiding our true selves from those we lead, but at the same time we fear sharing too much might compromise our authority as leaders. If we share nothing of our struggles and failures and feelings about complicated issues, we offer an unrealistic model of what it looks like to walk and grow in faith. But if we share too much, we may fail to encourage by example and maintain a position of authority.

This 18-page resource will help you share your heart as a Christian while maintaining your authority as a leader.

Table of Contents:

More than a Message
Our churches need to see us live out the gospel, not just talk about it.
Timothy Morey

Dropping the Mask (free sample)
No one is perfect--including church leaders.
Dave Stone

The Biblical Models of Authenticity
Authenticity keeps pastors from hiding too well.
James Emery White

True to Your Calling
Authenticity is more than being ourselves; it's being who God calls us to be.
William H. Willimon

What Does It Mean to Be Real?
The danger of staged worship experiences.
James Gilmore

Heart to Heart
People want to know not only what you think but how you feel.
Dan Baty

The Authentic Introvert
Introverts in ministry have much to offer the church just as they are.
Amy Simpson

$ 14.99

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