Being a Shepherd Leader



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What does a ministry need most: A CEO? Or a spiritual leader? A CEO can efficiently run an organization, but only a spiritual leader can provide the kind of leadership that changes hearts and lives. One of the key aspects of spiritual leadership--and one of the most overlooked--is shepherding. A shepherd leader not only leads the flock; a shepherd leader knows the flock, spends time with the flock, and personally guides the growth of the flock.

This 34-page resource is designed to help you establish a shepherding ministry or strengthen the structure you already have in place.

Table of Contents:

Why Pastors Must Be Shepherds
Shepherds endear themselves to the flock.
H. B. London Jr.

The 3 A.M. Phone Call
What makes a pastor a pastor?
Gordon MacDonald

Reforming Spiritual-Health Care
The vocational reformation of our own time is a rediscovery of the pastoral work of the cure of souls.
Eugene H. Peterson

Rediscovering Shepherding Ministry
Weary of models and movements, I needed to go back to basics.
E. Glenn Wagner

Do You Know Your Sheep?
Regular, personal interaction with your sheep is fundamental to shepherding.
Timothy Z. Witmer

How to Shepherd Everyone
A practical plan for making sure no one slips through the cracks.
Brian Croft

Shepherding Those Who Don't Like You
Being at peace with your enemies requires tact and sensitivity.
Gary Preston

What Good Shepherds Don't Do
When tending becomes controlling, we've overstepped our role.
Skye Jethani

$ 7.99

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