Building a Team



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Great teams achieve great things. With these handouts, build a dynamic team that can lead your church and ministry and tackle the challenges of ministry together.

This 17-page resource offers biblical reflection, wisdom from experienced pastors, and practical tips on how to identify leaders and bring them together as a unified force to make your ministry's vision a reality.

Table of Contents:

Build a Better Team
What to keep in mind when building a team.
Interview with Larry Osborne

Defining Unity
Keep the vision before you at all times.
Wayne Cordeiro

Turning Committees into Communities
Keys to becoming mission-focused.
Roberta Hestenes

Recruiting Team Players
Questions to preempt unnecessary conflict.
Larry W. Osborne

Qualities of a Winning Team
6 characteristics of servant leaders.
Greg Ogden

Strength to Strength
Adding personnel to round out your team.
Jock Ficken

Building Camaraderie
Time together refreshes and motivates.
Robert J. Morgan

The Basis for Team Spirit
It begins with how we feel about God.
Craig Brian Larson

What Makes a Strong Player
The interests of Jesus must prevail.
Craig Brian Larson

Teamwork Ground Rules
10 keys to an effective ministry.
Stephen A. Bly

Decisions by Consensus
Discerning God's will in meetings.
David L. Goetz

The Mixed-Gender Team
We are called to unity in the body and on our ministry teams.
Sarah Sumner

$ 14.99

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