Character & Integrity Assessment Pack



$ 9.99
Integrity is too important to leave unchecked in the lives of your leaders. These handouts will help them assess their current state of affairs.

Table of Contents:

True Traits of Leadership
10 characteristics of a growing leader.
Fred Smith Sr.

3 Marks of Greatness in God's Kingdom
Note what Jesus measures.
Tim Bowman

Facing a Tough Decision with Integrity
When facing a difficult choice, ask yourself 4 questions.
James D. Berkley

Conducting a Spiritual Audit
12 questions to keep your personal accounts in order.
Fred Smith

Am I an Ethical Leader?
How to set up safeguards.
Archibald Hart

Am I Prepared for Difficulty?
4 character traits for tough times.
James D. Berkley
$ 9.99

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