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If you need to build a new site from scratch or revamp an existing site, this download is a great place to start. It will give you the vocabulary of today?s websites, as well as tips for maintaining a site and driving traffic to it.

Table of Contents:

Church Web 2.0
Second-generation websites improve the online interaction of churches and people.
by John R. Throop

Intelligent Design
Consider these basic options when putting together your church's website.
by Bill Nix

A Lack of Vision
Problems with church websites can usually be traced to failure to see the big picture.
by Thomas G. Dolan

Extending an Invitation
Church websites are becoming a crucial factor in attracting visitors.
by Thomas G. Dolan

Online Essentials
These are the desired pieces of a well-designed local church website.
by Rich Tatum

Choosing a Content Manager
Churches have unique needs that should be accommodated by your provider.
by Bill Nix

Homepage Improvement
Does your church website need just a little touching up or an extreme makeover?
by Scott Swoboda

Helping People Find Your Site
How to gain maximum visibility for your church website online and elsewhere
by Rich Tatum

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