Church Website Essentials: Part II



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The web is the new yellow pages. Use the materials below to make sure your church's website gives visitors a good feel for who you are. Learn what people look for, how to choose a template provider, and more. You'll also find insights on other ways to use the web: streaming video, search engine ads, and letting your leaders share their hearts.

Table of Contents:

The New Church Search
How a robust web presence helps newcomers and church members alike.
by Ryan Hamm

Media Forecast
Tech advances present new opportunities for churches.
by Dave Clark

E-Curb Appeal
People will visit your website before they visit your church--if they make it that far.
by Thomas G. Dolan

Evaluating a Web Template Provider (free sample)
Use these eight criteria.
by Keyton Kyles

Web Makeover, Church Edition
What to look for if your church uses a template-based design for its website.
by Keyton Kyles

Church Growth by Google
Churches are discovering that advertising on Google can be effective and inexpensive.
by Tyler Charles

Progress Report
How one church uses web technology to keep its congregation up-to-date.
by Lauren Hunter

Streaming Video
When the miles get in the way.
by Michael W. Michelsen, Jr.

Leaders Should Consider Twitter
Four reasons to enter this micro-blogging world.
by Margaret Feinberg

Really Real Life
Matching your online self to your offline self.
by Roxanne Wieman

$ 14.99

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