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Church leaders face dilemmas daily on how to control sensitive information. This theme discusses how to handle everything from staff salaries to the communication of church family news.

Table of Contents:

What Can I Tell People at Church?
Scripture encourages us to confess our sins to fellow believers.
James Berkley

Protecting Sensitive Information
Act now to secure your church against breaches of confidence.
with Jeff Hanna

Why Am I Controlling Information?
3 ways to test motives.
Jack Hayford

Keys to Confidentiality
How is information handled in our church?
Jeff Hanna

Is This Gossip?
9 questions to help you decide.
Kevin Miller

When Keeping Quiet Hurts
What if your reputation suffers from another's actions?
Jack Hayford

The Danger of an Unbridled Tongue
Thoughtless words can cause serious harm.
Steven D. Mathewson

Strategy for a Crisis
8 key actions when scandal shakes your church.
Mike Woodruff and Dennis Kasper

How to Report Staff Salaries
A guide to handling delicate financial information.
Jack Hayford

When You've Said Something You Shouldn't Have
2 questions to ask before passing on information.
Ramona Cramer Tucker

Pass the Secret
3 activities to discover the effects of gossip.
Eric Reed

$ 14.99

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