Dealing with Staff



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Do you have a problem with a staff member or key leader, and you're not sure where to turn? Is your church experiencing turnover or colliding personalities? While treading through these touchy issues, the key to success and redemption is dealing with it in a Christlike way.

Download these nine articles from Leadership journal to help you work through staff problems. You'll be given ideas for restoring broken or strained relationships. If you sense someone needs to be let go, questions to ask yourself and steps to take are provided. Also included are some common-sense details for how to avoid legal issues.

Table of Contents:

When No One Wants Second Fiddle
It?s not easy to keep the music going when all eyes are on first chair.
Calvin Miller

When Ministry Styles Clash
He was aloof and authoritarian; I needed warmth and affirmation. How could we work together?
Greg Ogden

When Ministry Programs Collide
When time, money, and leadership are limited, whose work takes priority?
Calvin Ratz

When a Staff Person Isn't Doing the Job
Even the wisest of churches ends up with ineffective employees who need termination.
Arthur DeKruyter

To Fire or Not to Fire
Questions to ponder before you announce the point of no return.
Paul Borthwick

Church Employment and the Law
What you should do to avoid potential lawsuits.
Gayla Postma

Moving Staff People Around
(and why it makes me sick).
Kevin Miller

Lessons from Getting Fired
A dismissed pastor tells how he survived and made his way back to active ministry.
Charles Cerling Jr.

$ 7.99

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