Decision Making



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This theme looks at the decision-making process within a church. Henry and Richard Blackaby discuss how churches can make '"Decisions Based on God" by building on what God has already done. Other articles focus on the practical aspects of decision-making, such as when it's time to make a decision ('"Are We Ready to Decide?") and determining God's will for your church ('"Is This Decision God's Will?").

Table of Contents:

Decisions Based on God
Whatever you do, build on what God has done.
Henry & Richard Blackaby

Decisions That Succeed
The who, when, and how of good decision making.
with James D. Berkley

Are We Ready to Decide?
Find out with this influence indicator.
Alan Nelson & Gene Appel

Too Many Solutions
After brainstorming, what next?
Jock E. Ficken

Is This Decision God's Will? (free sample)
4 ways to know for sure.
Gerald L. Sittser

Beyond the Closed Door
No need to get stuck. Find another way.
Alan Nelson & Gene Appel

How to Make a Group Decision
5 ways to help a group together, work together, and make decisions together.
Robert A. Osborne

You Are the Strongest Link
How to identify opinion leaders.
Alan Nelson & Gene Appel

United We Decide
4 ways to energize the process of making a decision.
Stephen Lim

Hats on to This Discussion
An exercise to keep team members on task by identifying phases of decision making.
Phyllis Ten Elshof

$ 14.99

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