Deepen Your Calling



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Call: it's the reason you do what you do. Discovering your calling is exciting, as you begin to see how God has uniquely prepared you for his work. But then some days doubts creep in, and you consider leaving the challenges for someone else, someone more talented or equipped. It is in these moments you must dig deep into your calling, to truly understand why God has placed you where he has and how he alone makes it possible to rise to the challenges of ministry.

This 24-page training pack includes a variety of practical tips and suggestions to help you help you understand, develop, and guard your call to ministry. It will equip you live out that calling and help others do the same.

Table of Contents:

Your Life's Purpose Statement
A clear purpose can fuel your journey.
Dave Kraft

Discern Your Direction
Key questions to determine the right course for you.
Mark Buchanan

Heeding the Call
An interview with David Platt

The Presumptuous Leader
Ministry is a high calling.
John Ortberg

Keep Growing to Keep Going
The leader who continues to learn can continue to thrive.
Dave Kraft

Challenging and Caring for People
An interview with David Platt

Calling Killers
These dangerous habits can cripple your ministry.
Paul David Tripp

The Mid-Calling Crisis
How to overcome complacency.
Adrian Boykin

Staying Inspired
Ministry can be discouraging. It's crucial to guard your calling.
John Ortberg

$ 14.99

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