Developing Your Preaching and Teaching Style



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No two preachers can preach the same message because no two preachers are the same. The human personality is a vital part of the preaching ministry, says Warren Wiersbe in this resource.

The best preachers and teachers are lifelong students, constantly looking for ways to grow in the craft. This 17-page resource has articles that offer insights and practices to help you find and develop the unique voice God has given you so you can use your gifts to their fullest potential.

Table of Contents:

The Preacher God Wired You to Be
Build on your natural teaching strengths.
Craig Brian Larson

Three Kinds of Communicators
Are you more of an orator, speaker, or talker?
Fred Smith Sr.

The Personality in Preaching (free sample)
No two sermons are the same?and that's a good thing.
Warren W. Wiersbe

Beyond Imitation
Three preachers on finding their own voices.
Jonathan Falwell, Bryan Loritts, and Joshua Harris

Teaching That Connects
Tips for communicating truth that will change lives.
Nancy Ortberg

Select the Right Teaching Methods
Your teaching methods will vary depending on the context.
Roberta Hestenes

No Shortcuts Allowed
Becoming a great teacher requires devoting time and attention to hone the craft.
Bill Hybels

Evaluate Your Teaching
Seeking out constructive criticism is essential to developing your teaching.
Howard Hendricks

$ 14.99

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