Discerning God's Will



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Every leader has a responsibility to make decisions that not only consider the best interests of the ministry but also actively seek God's will. In a group setting this gets even more complicated as multiple voices seek to reach a unified understanding of what the will of God might be in any particular situation.

This 26-page training pack includes a variety of practical tips and suggestions to help you help you seek God's will as a team.

Table of Contents:

The Way of Discernment
Four passages to guide you through the process.
Mark Buchanan

Choosing Discerning Leaders
Seven questions to gauge a candidate's wisdom.
Mel Lawrenz

Building a Culture of Discernment
Discernment is not the endgame; the endgame is to actually do the will of God.
Ruth Haley Barton

The Group Discernment Process
Discernment is a creative mix of dynamic elements.
Ruth Haley Barton

Listening with Love
Discernment is a process of listening together.
Ruth Haley Barton

Making the Decisions
A three-step method to guide your decision-making process.
Fred Smith

Running a Discerning Board Meeting
Consensus means that despite disagreement, when the group looks at the decision as a whole, they can see God's fingerprint.
David L. Goetz

Discernment Is Only the Beginning
When God called our church to relocate, we thought the transition would be smooth. Boy, were we wrong.
T. David Beck

$ 14.99

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