Discovering Your Calling



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For many Christians, finding their calling seems like a hidden needle in a haystack and ultimately leads to confusion and discontentment. Life throws us competing voices and much to discern, so how do we find and respond faithfully to God's invitations? And, how do our churches determine what they're called to do? These handouts answer the fundamental issues Christians often experience with calling and will guide your church leaders toward greater joy and peace in their lives.

Table of Contents:

What Am I Born to Do?
We will best answer this question when we relate rightly to the One who made us.
Community Christian Church

Taking the Next Step
Discerning God's call does not mean you need to know the entire picture.
with Ruth Haley Barton

Setting Aside the Call
The path of ministry leadership is often not a straight, unbroken line.
Ed Dobson

A Calling, Not a Career
The way we view our task makes all the difference in the world?and in the church.
Ben Patterson

Voice Recognition
What exactly is a call to leadership and how can we know who is calling?
Gordon MacDonald

When Your Spouse Resents Your Call
A disconnect at home has a variety of causes.
Linda Riley

Sticking with the Call
Resist the urge to seek a different leadership role when the going gets tough.
Ed Bratcher

Helping Others Answer the Call
Your response to those who feel called may affect the future course of their ministry.
Maxie Dunnam

Discerning the Direction of a Life
God's calling is interwoven with our sense of identity.
Amy C. Boucher

Collective Calling
How to determine your church's specific calling.
Marshall Shelley

God's Call for Me
How can we be sure we're doing what we're supposed to be doing?
Nancy Ortberg

$ 14.99

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