Embracing Spiritual Leadership



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The articles in this Survival Guide are focused on helping leaders develop into vibrant, qualified, and significant leaders. Those terms have different definitions based on whether you?re inside or outside the church. This download is for those of us in the church who know that we are called and want to grow into the role that God has set aside for us.

Table of Contents:

Called to Lead
Three leaders discuss how they balance two priorities that don't always mesh: serving and leading.
Interview with Leith Anderson, Erwin McManus, and Glenn Wagner

Ensuring "Quality of Soul"
An examination of the needs and motivations of a spiritual leader
Gordon MacDonald

The Spiritual Leader's Vitality
Two leaders discuss the steps they've taken to develop strong spiritual lives.
Interview with Richard Foster and Henri Nouwen

Finding Your Center
Leaders need to remember the source and strength of their vocation.
Gordon MacDonald

What's a Significant Ministry?
The way we answer that question says a lot about our leadership.
Tim Bowman

$ 7.99

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