Energy & Enthusiasm



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This theme is needed for helping your leaders to develop healthy boundaries and find joy in their Christian service.

Table of Contents:

Ministry Mapping and Video Interviews
2 activities to help explore faithfulness for the long haul.
Kevin A. Miller

When I Need a Boost
An inductive Bible study to help us find motivation for the long haul.
Eric Reed

Am I Too Tired?
How to determine whether your fatigue is normal or serious.
Archibald D. Hart

Signs of Hurry Sickness
How to know if you're moving too fast.
John Ortberg

The Way of Contentment
What makes the difference between a Christian who is frustrated and one who is content?
Richard Lewis

The Super Couple
Finding balance in Christian life and ministry.
Mathew Woodley

Finding Joy in Christian Service
Only the thankful can burn brightly without burning out.
with Ben Patterson and Zig Ziglar

Restoring Your Joy Amid Ministry
5 fountains to drink from.
Richard A. Swenson

To Abide or To Abound?
The disciple's dilemma: sit at His feet or serve in His name?
John Ortberg

Setting Healthy Boundaries
Learning from Jesus how to be productive without becoming frantic.
Kevin A. Miller

$ 14.99

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