Engaging Pop Culture



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When everyone in your church is talking about the latest multi-million dollar blockbuster, how do you respond? If a hit song makes references to God, should you address it? Dealing with pop culture is always a tricky issue for those in ministry, because while it is important not to endorse something that could be harmful, it's equally essential that we pay careful attention to the movies, TV shows, music, and books that are shaping the world in which we live, and, in turn, us.

This 23-page resource is designed to help you consider how your church should best acknowledge and address the popular culture that shapes the lives of every person in your community. It also offers practical tips on how to best incorporate pop culture in your teaching and preaching to help your message connect to the world in which your members live.

Table of Contents:

Culturally Savvy Christians (free sample)
What does the Bible say about media consumption?
Dick Staub

Studying the Silver Screen
Why Christians need to engage with movies.
interview with Jeffrey Overstreet

Jesus at the Movies
Learn to carry on intelligent discussions about current films.
Mark Moring

Jedi or Jesuit?
Looking for God at the cineplex.
Jason Byassee

Creating Culture
Our best response to culture is to make something of it.
Andy Crouch

Teaching with Pop Culture
How to refer to pop culture appropriately.
Kevin A. Miller

$ 14.99

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