Finding Focus Through Spiritual Disciplines



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In order to maintain spiritual health, every person in ministry needs to engage in a few spiritual disciplines that nurture relationship with God as an end in itself. This theme is designed to help church leaders--both individually and as a group--to find focus in the middle of ministry through the regular practice of spiritual disciplines. You may use it either for a group training session or to give to people who would benefit from the regular practice of fasting, confession, journaling, and discernment.

Table of Contents:

Spiritual Disciplines for People in Ministry
Why it's so important to nurture spiritual disciplines that are unconnected to "church work"
Lynne Baab

A Daily Repentance Workout
Six practical disciplines for finding focus in everyday life
Frederica Mathewes-Green

Warning Signs for Pastors
Learn how to tell when it's time to take a step back and refocus.
Maxie Dunham

The Discipline of Fasting
Spiritually directed fasting gives us supernatural power and a biblical perspective.
Bob Coy

Fasting in the 21st Century
Here's why it's so important to withdraw from the trappings of our culture.
Richard Foster

The Discipline of Journaling
Why mapping your private world can bring your soul into focus
Gordon MacDonald

Spiritual Discernment for Church Leaders
Here are some practical "stepping stone" for approaching transformation as a group.
Eric Reed

The Discipline of Confession and Self-Examination
The value of opening ourselves to God and others
Adele Calhoun

Discipline of Discernment
Principles and suggestions for identifying and following God's will
Adele Calhoun

$ 14.99

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