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Funerals call for sensitive, wise, and timely ministry. These brief, practical handouts provide instruction to help your congregation cope in times of loss. One article outlines how to educate the church about death before a crisis occurs. Another article discusses the finer points of arranging a funeral service. Other articles cover how to help a grieving friend and how to explain death to children. This download is helpful for pastors, church leaders, and the congregation -- to pass out or to use in your next meeting.

Table of Contents:

Educate a Congregation About Death
Tackle the taboo subject of death head-on with these important strategies.
Rick McKinniss

Arrange a Funeral Service
A funeral honors the life of the deceased and gives hope to the grieving.
Calvin Ratz

Help Families Deal with Death
The church plays an essential part in supporting the grieving.
Paul L. Walker

Deal with Untimely Deaths
A willingness to share in someone's grief journey can bring profound comfort.
Roger F. Miller

Burial or Cremation?
Is it okay for a Christian to be cremated?
Timothy George

Twenty Things to Do for a Grieving Friend
Friends can provide a special kind of comfort.
Sheila Wray Gregoire

How to Speak to Someone Who's Grieving
We don't have to fix the problem or say anything profound.
Sheila Wray Gregoire

Answer a Child's Questions about Death
When we speak openly and honestly with children, we give them hope and comfort.
Sharon Marshall

The Grieving Processes of Children
A child's age plays a big part in how he or she reacts to death.
Sharon Marshall

$ 14.99

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