How to Gain a Good Reputation



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What does your community think about your church? Do you know what the name of your church or your outreach efforts (good or bad) say about you?

Use this guide with your leadership team to gain insight on improving your church's reputation and setting your church apart from the crowd. Get valuable, specific tips on how to increase the standing of your church in your neighborhood. Also, get great ideas from real church leaders who led their churches to higher ground.

Table of Contents:

Like a Good Neighbor
Six keys to improve your church's reputation within the community.
John Beukema

Loving Your Neighbors
Cultivating a good name starts with your relationship with the people next door.
Greg Asimakoupoulos

Reputation Isn't Enough
My church had a good name, but it needed to go deeper to grow.
Peter Larson

What's in a Name
Some people know your church only by its name. Is that a help or a hindrance?
Steve Tomlinson

A Whole New Attitude
Our reputation was suffering. In fact, our whole church needed a turnaround. `
Robert Lewis

In Need of a Good Reputation
How one pastor grows his good name by focusing on character and relationships.
Knute Larson

$ 7.99

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