How to Lead a Committee



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These eight articles will help you make the most of your meetings and bring the best out of the team you lead--addressing conflict, evaluating ideas, and efficiently running meetings.

Table of Contents:

How to Lead a Meeting
Certain skills and behaviors can make you a great chairperson.
Michael Harbin

Cultivating Productivity
Make sure these practices are a part of your committee-meeting repertoire.
John Maxwell

How to Judge an Idea
Use these five methods to evaluate proposals.
James Watkins

Lead Your Board to Worship
It is possible to find fulfillment and serve on a committee at the same time.
Charles Olsen

When Not to Press for a Vote
Sometimes, making a decision is the wrong choice for a committee.
Michael Harbin

Improving Group Dynamics
Leaders can strengthen their committees by removing these obstacles.
Larry Osborne

Common Conflicts
Watch for strife at these flashpoints.
Chuck Swindoll

Not Committees, but Communities
Lifeless committees should be replaced by communities empowered by mission.
Roberta Hestenes

$ 14.99

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