How to Prevent Ministry Burnout



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Ministry is hard. You've heard the stories and may even know leaders who have left their calling. Maybe you're struggling with your own church conflict, problems, or perceived failures right now. Or you're just interested in keeping your ministry healthy.

Here you can download six articles from Leadership journal that give you tips from experts who have been through burnout and know some of the causes. The articles help keep your priorities in order, your integrity high, and your attitude positive when things get tough.

Table of Contents:

When Holiness is Just a Show
When you tend holy fire daily, don't take the flames lightly.
Roberta Hestenes

When Your Efforts Seem Meaningless
How will I respond when my failures outnumber my successes?
James L. Wilson

When Your Personality is a Problem
How traits that you're not even aware of can undermine your ministry.
Doug Anderson

When You Can't Copy Anymore
Lessons from Elijah.
Skip Heitzig

When Power Tempts You
Forget money and sex. The real temptation is king me.
Gary Sinclair

When You're Too Transparent
Amid personal crisis, I wanted my church to know the truth. Instead I said too much.
Al Detter

$ 7.99

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