How to Turn Around a Church



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Some churches that find their sails hanging listlessly have lost touch with their community's current needs. While the gospel never changes, the cultural attitudes that shape how these truths are presented do change. Use these articles to understand the needs of your community and help turn your church around.

Table of Contents:

Clean Out the Sludge
A theology of turnaround for churches and their leaders.
Gordon MacDonald

Escaping Congregational Doldrums
When a church languishes, sometimes the causes are hidden
Bob Moeller

Even Healthy Churches Need to Change
If it ain't broke thinking leads nowhere.
H. Dale Burke

Renewing Older Churches
Churches older than 40 need a plan to stay fit.
Fred Oaks

Resurrecting the Lazarus Church
Breathing new life into a dying congregation isn't an easy task, but it is possible.
Amy S. Eckert

Back From the Brink
Five factors in successful turnarounds
Eric Reed

How They Did It
How three churches made turnarounds
Marshall Shelley and Skye Jethani

Five Markers of Church Progress
Mile-markers help us know what kind of progress we're making
Drew Wilkerson

$ 14.99

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