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Samuel D. Rima, author of Leading from the Inside Out: The Art of Self-Leadership, says, "You must lead your own life well before you begin to lead others." This theme explores how church leaders must live a life of integrity, despite the limits of their humanity. Rima lists the personal attributes that are essential for church leaders, as well as the characteristics they should steer clear of.

Table of Contents:

Lead Yourself First
The public impact of your private life.
Samuel D. Rima

Who Is Right for the Team?
What to look for in a church leader.
with Samuel D. Rima

True Traits of Leadership
10 characteristics of a growing leader.
Fred Smith Sr.

3 Marks of Greatness in God's Kingdom
Note what Jesus measures.
Tim Bowman

Facing a Tough Decision with Integrity
When facing a difficult choice, ask yourself 4 questions.
James D. Berkley

The Cost of Bending the Board Your Way
His case won in the board but lost in church-now what?
Ben Patterson

Free to Be Human
God's power is made perfect in our weakness.
Jay Kesler

A Prayer for Integrity
Go to the source of your purity and hope.
Richard Kriegbaum

Channel Markers for Integrity
Questions that keep us from shipwreck.
Fred Smith Sr.

What to Do When You've Blown It
How to make the best of a bad decision.
James D. Berkley

Tongue in Check
Telling the truth means keeping the story straight.
Steven Gertz

$ 14.99

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