Knowing God



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This theme focuses on developing intimacy with God. J.I. Packer, author of Knowing God, says that seeking God's truth '"enlarges the soul because it tunes into the greatness of God." He tells how to lead people to shrink the self and exalt God, and how to teach the unpopular theme of repentance. Other articles discuss finding time for intimacy with God and involving both the heart and mind in the search for God.

Table of Contents:

Know God and Live
What the Bible teaches about our deepest yearnings to commune with God.
J. I. Packer

Fit Food for the Hungry Soul
How theology fills us with good things of God.
with J. I. Packer

What's Your Orphan Quotient?
Seeing yourself as God's child.
from Sonship

The 4 Religious Types
How personality influences our perception of God.
Herb Miller

4 Threats to Quiet Time
Overcoming invasions of intimacy with God.
Peter V. Deison

Finding Time for God
Not enough time for prayer?
Richard Bridston

Like Father, Like Son
To find God, look at his son, Jesus.
Roy and Revel Hession

Open Up to Love
We can know God because he knows us best.
Ben Patterson

From Solitude to Service
3 stages of meeting God.
Henri J. Nouwen

How Do I Know It's God?
Safeguards for recognizing his voice.
Peter V. Deison

A Complete Connection
How to involve both mind and heart in the wonder of God.
John Ortberg and Pam Howell

Two Ways to Meet Jesus
Helpful approaches for Bible reading and prayer.
John Ortberg and Pam Howell

$ 14.99

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